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Brussels Full-time Attractive financial package depending on experience
Within the context of the ramp-up of Data Monetization and Innovation business line, the Digital Ledger Technology/Blockchain Solution Architect is to be a champion internally, and well recognized and respected externally on the subject
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Within the context of the ramp-up of Data Monetization and Innovation business line, the Digital Ledger Technology/Blockchain Solution Architect is to be a champion internally, and well recognized and respected externally on the subject. Bringing deep technical knowledge, and combining this with business insights to deliver solutions where blockchain will make both technical and business sense, to allow our client to capitalize on new business opportunities.

Thinking strategically and tactically along with being innovative, an exemplary leader, an excellent communicator, influencer, and working with a premier team will help you be successful in the role. Leading and navigating cross-functional efforts should come naturally, along with having tried and true experience partnering with product management and marketing and engineering teams to synthesize a variety of technologies and capabilities into high quality simple products and features that customers’ love. You will need to be a smart risk taker, who can deliver big ideas as well as transform them into scalable programs.

This position has exposure to senior members of the organization, where you would be preparing documentation for senior executives and align roadmaps with organizational objectives, as well as an opportunity to develop your profile externally to become a true thought leader, reflecting the progress our client is making, as well as having a seat at the table when critical decisions are being made


Main Missions

  • Analyse Blockchain from both a technology and business angle, to build a tactical, and strategic view, that allows our clientto position and differentiate itself within the marketplace.
  • Define the technology architecture and direction of any DLT solution, and ensure the product design adheres to this.
  • Drive new opportunities from a technical perspective, from the initial ideation / Proof o Concept stage, through to supporting the product delivery.
  • Be able to evangelise the technology to present the opportunities created by blockchain for our client, as well as being able to understand and demonstrate the risks that it brings, with special focus on competitive elements.
  • Be widely read in the subject, to understand who the key players are, and where the threats will come from.
  • Demonstrate a solid understanding of the current regulatory environment vis a vis blockchain initiatives going on in different geographies, such as the EU, America, Asia, China.
  • Act as Technology partner for Business when exploring potential new Business Opportunities.
  • Be the identified technology expert inside our client’s company for all things Distributed Ledger Technologies / Blockchain.
  • Influences across multiple teams and organizations.
  • Operate successfully in ambiguous environments.
  • Remove blockers and always find the path forward in challenging situations. Handle multiple contending priorities simultaneously in an exciting environment.
  • You will need strong communication and interpersonal skills, among peers, business and senior leaders within the organisation, as well as the technical / development community both inside and outside the organisation.



  • You will need to have a strong understanding of Digital Ledger Technology/ Blockchain fundamentals, smart contracts, consensus algorithms…
  • You will need to have demonstratable experience in designing blockchain solutions for enterprise use cases, with a preference on capital markets use cases.
  • Have a good understanding of different types of Blockchain such as public, private/permissioned, public permissioned etc.
  • Good understanding of Blockchain frameworks such as Hyperledger Fabric, R3 Corda, Ethereum, Quorum, DAML
  • Being up to date on new developments in standardisation and interoperability across DLT networks
  • Be able to write and read smart contracts for multiple blockchain instances, R3, DAML, Hyperledger Fabric…
  • Good understanding of various different consensus algorithms used in Bitcoin Blockchain, Ethereum, Byzantine fault tolerant algorithms including
  • Hyperledger Fabric PBFT algorithm, and the differences and benefits each system brings
  • Demonstrate a good understanding of using cryptography material such as certificates for identity management in order to authenticate members, transactions etc.
  • Ability to architect and design integration architecture for integrating applications – including legacy applications – with Blockchain and, also, participant organizations and their member nodes to Blockchain network.


Key plus

  • Experience in deploying a Production ready Digital Ledger Technology / Blockchain solution.
  • Experience in designing application and solution in an highly regulated and controlled IT environment.
  • Experience in conceiving and in deploying Digital Ledger Technology / Blockchain solution on various IT environments ie public Cloud, private Cloud or on-premises.

Primary Location: Brussels Office
Area of Interest: IT

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Job Types Full-time, Fixed-term
Salary Attractive financial package depending on experience
Environment Multinational company
Fringe benefits Company car, Group Insurance schemes, Meal benefits

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